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BEHIND THE SCENES: Dubai’s hyper-real aviation training facility

In a world where pilots and crew are often expected to learn important safety procedures on an iPad, one training facility in Dubai has decided to offer – quite literally – the polar opposite to ensure aircrews are physically versed in emergencies, hospitality and everything in between.

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Dynamic Advanced Training (DAT), based at the Mohammed bin Rashid Aerospace Hub in Dubai South, only launched as an independent training provider in 2018 but is setting itself up to be the go-to one-stop-shop for aviation training in the emirate. 

While it is awaiting on approval from the GCAA to begin training recruits, it is fine-tuning its facility, which includes an array of impressive simulators and features that thrust crew and pilots into hyper-real, stressful scenarios, a world away from the traditional classroom and Powerpoint approach. 

Mark Kammer, DAT’s operations director, has personally seen to the design of the facility and in the hunt of perfection, continues to make additions to its capabilities in readiness for when the GCAA nods its approval. 

Listing some of the features at DAT, Kammer explains what makes the facility unique compared to traditional training providers. 

Designed to be a true one-stop-shop for aviation training, DAT has on-site a full range of wide, narrow body and business jet full flight cabin simulators, a next-level survival pool complete with waves and wind, a real firefighting simulator, hypoxia simulator and jungle and polar survival rooms with realistic temperatures, false snow and howling wind. 

The cabin simulators can be used to train crew in hospitality and emergencies, offering operators complete flexibility. And uniquely, pilots and crew can train on situations together, allowing teamwork to be tested. 

Kammer says DAT offers its services to anybody requiring aviation safety and emergency procedure training for narrow and wide body commercial jets as well as for business and general aviation. 

“We can customise our training to suit the requirements of the customers. We offer wet and dry lease, which is when the customer brings their own trainers and only uses our facilities and equipment.” 

Because DAT is an independent provider, it is not affiliated to an airline and so can adjust to a client’s operational needs and customise for special requests and schedules. 

DAT’s trainers use innovative, next generation training approaches with the aim of replacing “uninspired conventional training styles and methods”, says Kammer. 

He comments: “[We have] the ability to synchronise knowledge with motor skills as a result of almost 90% practical training as well as instant hands-on remedial training. 

“Our approach is to get the buy-in from our trainees so they understand the risks in order to understand how to mitigate them. From this you build true safety awareness and eventually acquire the required knowledge.” 

The ultimate aim of DAT is to create a new norm of training which better suits the full range of learning styles at an acceptable and reasonable pace to maximise knowledge retention, Kammer concludes.

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