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MEBAA believes that the future is not something to wait for. The future is something we create. Therefore, we consider youth and improvement through education. This is how we create our future.

Continuous education in the business aviation industry is one of the pillars of the development of MEBAA. Throughout the year, MEBAA provides and organizes various educational workshops and lectures as part of its events. Recognized educational courses and IBAC certified IS-BAH and IS-BAO workshops are part of MEBAA and opened for those who want to instill their education in this industry. Through MEBAA you can acquire a set of skills in organization, Standard Operating Procedures, Emergency Response Planning, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, security, Audit Process etc.

We are constantly networking with leading industry experts to offer top quality education for all those interested in business aviation in the region. In addition to educational events, MEBAA has a full student package of benefits for future young professionals. Education is our tool for influencing the positive business climate of our region, and therefore the whole business aviation industry.


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