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The regional business aviation industry is set to be needing about 1.2 million pilots, technicians and engineers in the next two decades. Now is the time to join this growing industry and take advantage of the opportunities ahead. MEBAA provides a platform for students and professionals to advance their knowledge and careers in the business aviation industry.

MEBAA provides opportunities for students who want to work in the aviation industry. Students can join educational events and interactive sessions that take place in universities and training centers across the MENA region. In addition, students can view industry events, market analysis and much more through the website. In the near future MEBAA mNet platform will provide students to have exclusive access to share their biographies and connect with our members. Through mNet we will connect students directly with live praxis in business aviation companies and boost their career with real jobs and opportunities.

During MEBAA Show, we host hundreds of students who are interested to purse a career in the business aviation industry. Students attend a lecture followed by static display tour and get an opportunity to meet some of the industry’s major players and interact with industry leading companies. Some companies also announce exciting internship opportunities during the show. MEBAA can also help students with internships and scholarships.

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