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mebaa news article image Gulfstream plans for the G700 to take over as the company flagship. (Gulfstream)

Gulfstream introduces New Flagship Jet

On the eve of the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) convention and exhibition in Las Vegas this week, US manufacturer Gulfstream yesterday announced a new flagship model that will challenge for the title of the largest corporate jet on the market.

The G700 is a 19-seat aircraft designed with a cabin that features five separate living areas intended to allow passengers to work, eat and sleep enroute to distant destinations.

Powered by two Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 turbofans, the G700 is expected to have a top speed of 0.925 mach and a range at cruise speeds of 7500 nm.

“The Gulfstream G700 takes the very best elements from our most innovative products and unites them with cutting-edge advances to create an all-new, advanced-technology aircraft that redefines safety, comfort and range at speed,” said Burns.

“This announcement is the biggest news in business aviation history and is the result of the investments General Dynamics made to develop Gulfstream technology for Gulfstream products. Thanks to our nearly 18,000 employees around the world, the G700 is continuing a long Gulfstream tradition: raising the bar for ourselves and the industry.”

The G700 cabin enables customers to extend their personal and professional lifestyle to their aircraft. With up to five living areas, the G700 offers an extra-large galley with a passenger lounge or crew compartment; a six-place dining or conference room and a master suite with shower.

The cockpit features the Symmetry Flight Deck along with active-control sidesticks and extensive use of touch-screen technology. The flight deck also comes standard with a Predictive Landing Performance System, which gives pilots advanced warning of potential runway excursions and Gulfstream’s Enhanced Flight Vision System and synthetic vision on dual head-up displays.

Development is well underway with ground vibration testing, engine runs, loads calibration and all structural testing for first flight already completed. In all, five test articles will be built.

Gulfstream expects to make the first customer deliveries in 2022.

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