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A Word From Our Director General

Kurt Edwards

As we have passed the one-year mark of a global pandemic, we are seeing glimpses of optimism.  In particular, vaccines have begun reaching people and providing hope that the pandemic will subside.  Nonetheless, we have also seen upticks in new cases of COVID-19 in several areas around the world.  As a result, frustration remains an emotion at the forefront in the minds of many. 
This is particularly the case for international air transport.  The broad aviation industry has taken its response to the pandemic seriously, attempting to mitigate as many public-health risks as possible within the sector in order to operate and, importantly, serving a central role in the distribution of vaccines and movement of health professionals. 
The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), supported by industry, just issued an update to its Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) report, revising and adding recommendations to allow international operations once more, emphasizing the use of risk-mitigation techniques.  I highly recommend reading the overview document.  It highlights the importance of international air transport to the public-health, economic, and social well-being of States around the world, and it calls for action by States--with national aviation authorities in particular responsible for ensuring that the guidance by ICAO figures into national decision-making processes--to let aviation get back to operating and bringing its benefits for all countries. 
Ultimately, the resumption of international air transport involves decision-makers beyond the domain of civil aviation and will depend upon developing effective collaboration with public-health, foreign-ministry, and other officials as appropriate from a range of State agencies.

Aircrew Card

IBAC has launched a new online order process for the Aircrew Identification Card through the IBAC website. The new automated process streamlines the application steps and simplifies the approval and payment procedures. Aircrew card applicants must be a member of one of the 15 IBAC member associations. Access to the new application is HERE.   


Andreas Meyer. IBAC Director, ICAO Liaison

In March, the ICAO Council and ICAO Air Navigation Commission concluded its 222nd and 216th sessions, respectively. IBAC engaged with both deliberative bodies to discuss issues related to the restart of the air transport system and to address other public health-related issues. As a direct outcome of this work, ICAO has recently published the Council Aviation Recovery Task Force Report (CARTIII).
IBAC’s representative on the ICAO Personnel Licencing Panel, Mitch Launius, participated in the ICAO TV series on women in aviation. The episode with his interview will air in the coming weeks.
IBAC continues to be engaged at various expert Groups within ICAO and is looking forward to more closely work with ICAO on the upcoming amendment of Annex 19 (Safety Management).


Terry Yeomans, Programme Director

May IS-BAH workshops are open for booking –  Register today

As part of the ongoing ICAO Ground Handling Task Force, IBAC will be participating in the ICAO Ground Handling Webinar (by invitation) for the SAM region on April 21st and urges IBAC Member Associations to encourage their States to participate in the sessions.

Please take the Ground Handling Damage Cost Survey if you have not already.  Member operators and ground handlers are encouraged to answer a few brief questions.  All answers will be de-identified. 


Bennet Walsh, Programme Director

IS-BAO Advanced Air Mobility working is underway with several leading RPAS operators. The IS-BAO will ultimately contain a RPAS vehicle configuration similar to fixed wing or rotor wing.

The small (micro) operator working group is screening IS-BAO protocols for appropriate scale and/or applicability for the very small owner operator.

The IS-BAO Programme is developing a member association cooperative to support the very small owner operator SMS.


Bruce Parry, IBAC Environment Director

A reminder that registration is open HERE for the upcoming virtual European Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Summit on April 20th.  The event is free to attend, is hosted by the Business Aviation SAF Coalition, and organized by EBAA and GAMA. 



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