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Kurt Edwards 

Contrary to a typical summer, July has not been a slow month for IBAC.  While ICAO may be taking a light summer siesta, we have been focused on a couple important internal activities, among other things.
First, I want to thank those on the Governing Board that participated in several meetings to develop a compensation and retention framework policy for IBAC.  There are still some “homework” items to be completed here, but I look forward to reporting to the Board on this group’s work in October.
Second, we held the first meeting of all the individuals that represent IBAC at meetings of ICAO and other international organizations.  Long overdue, the meeting allowed everyone to meet each other; to understand streamlined processes and organization for preparing for, attending, and reporting on meetings; and, overall, to provide situational awareness regarding IBAC’s policies and procedures.  We plan to hold the meeting twice a year with more frequent gatherings for those representatives who need to share information across sub-groups as part of larger ICAO working groups, e.g., the North Atlantic.  We appreciate the time and effort of each representative participating on behalf of business aviation at ICAO and other international organizations.
Later in August, we will have a meeting of the Planning and Operations Committee (POC).  While we will not be in Vancouver as originally planned, I’m looking forward to seeing and working with POC members virtually. 
Please stay safe and healthy.


ICAO Update

Andreas Meyer – Director, ICAO Liaison 

The ICAO Council and Air Navigation Commission are in recess. IBAC continues to engage at various technical meetings and activities related to the restart of the air transport sector in response to COVID19.



Bennet Walsh, IS-BAO Programme Director

We have a special virtual IBAC Roundtable, that is being coordinated by the IS-BAO Progressive Stage 3 (PS3) leadership team, 26th of August, 2:00-4:00 PM EDT. The discussion will focus on the return to “normal operations” with a focus on change management, considering COVID-19 challenges. In addition, we will update you on other current IBAC operations, IS-BAH updates, and congratulate 10-year and 15-year IS-BAO registrants.


The PS3 informative rollout webinar is Coming Soon!


IS-BAO Guidance material is being released chapter by chapter


A new IS-BAO workshop format implementation plan is in the works for 4th quarter. This will include new Initial and Recurrent formats for Operators and Auditors.


The IS-BAO Standards Board will meet virtually on-line 05 October.


Virtual efforts continue with online workshops for both IS-BAO and IS-BAH available, and the remote auditing policy has been extended through 2020. 



Terry Yeomans – IS-BAH Programme Director

Total global locations to have achieved Stage 1 currently sits at 233. Despite the COVID-19 situation interest and support for the programme remains high, we have processed 58 successful audits to date in 2020, with 30 active Planned Audit Notifications currently in progress. 


JBAA Member, Aero Asahi Corp, became the first location in Japan to achieve IS-BAH registration. 


The EASA Ground Handling Task Force work looks set to be delayed for at least six months whilst the EASA focus concentrates on COVID recovery. 


The next IS-BAH workshops are scheduled for the week of the 17th August, limited spaces are still available.




Bruce Parry - IBAC Environment Director

  • SAF Guide - The updated Business Aviation Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Guide has recently been updated by the SAF Coalition and will be published very soon and made available on the IBAC and SAF Coalition members websites. 


  • ICAO Stocktaking Seminar - The ICAO Stocktaking Seminar, which has been mentioned in previous updates, has now been extended as a virtual event and will be held 8-11th September. IBAC will be supporting the event as a sponsor. The 2020 Virtual ICAO Stocktaking Seminar will consider innovative solutions to unlock current and future CO2 aviation emissions reduction potentials. It will cover three areas for in-sector reductions through technology, operations, and sustainable aviation fuels. Find more details and register for the seminar through this link


  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Coalition Summit - the postponed Sustainable Aviation Fuel Coalition Summit has now been confirmed for 14-15th September 2020 as a virtual event. The event will feature a wide range of key stakeholders who are already contributing, or who can contribute further to the success towards increasing the use of SAF within business aviation. Further details on the summit program, registration and attendance details will be published as soon as they become available through the IBAC and SAF Coalition websites.


  •  ATAG Global Aviation Sustainability Forum - The Forum provides a timely platform for industry leaders to address the challenges and opportunities facing the aviation sector against the background of the global 2020 pandemic. ATAG and its partners will hold the event on Tuesday 29 September 2020 in which they will debate and share views on critical issues related to the sustainability of aviation and its green recovery. The event will be supported by IBAC. More details and registration for the event can be found here.





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