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A Word From Our Director General

Kurt Edwards

We enter the last month of 2021 facing renewed uncertainties around another variant of the Covid-19 virus.  Despite ICAO guidance on a rational, globally harmonized approach, some States have taken swift actions that further impede risk-mitigation-based travel.  IBAC is engaged with the relevant groups at ICAO working on public-health matters.  As new, helpful information or guidance comes to light, we will distribute it among the membership.

As IBAC’s 40th anniversary year comes to a close, we want to thank everyone who helped us recognize and celebrate this historic milestone over the last several months. We have two video recordings that are now posted on our YouTube channel: one that includes memories and accomplishments as described by several early IBAC contributors and a second recording of all the well-wishes for this anniversary made by member representatives and active board members.  Many of you may have recently seen the well-wishes video at NBAA-BACE and on our social media posts.

Please accept IBAC’s best wishes for a peaceful holiday season with family and friends.  Thank you for your support.  Working with you, we look forward to an even more productive year in 2022.  


Andreas Meyer, IBAC Director, ICAO Liaison

The ICAO Council and Air Navigation Commission concluded their last Session in 2021. Nonetheless, ICAO remains busy prior to the holiday recess.  We are currently participating in meetings of the combined Airport Economics Panel-Air Navigation Services Economics Panel, focused on user charges guidance, and the Safety Management Panel, which is considering updates to Annex 19 on Safety Management. Last, the Aviation Security Panel will also meet in the coming weeks.

The upcoming holiday recess will likely require some working groups to remain engaged in discussions on how to adapt to the new, emerging Covid-19 variants.


Terry Yeomans, Programme Director

The last of the IS-BAH workshops for 2021 have concluded and the 2022 schedule is now being finalized with January and March dates now open for booking HERE

The EBAA Safety Summit will be taking place virtually now on the 13 & 14 December. Expect a session on ground handling on the second day of the programme and plan to attend online.
The latest IS-BAH Stage 3 is Sundt Air Executive Handling in Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport.


Andrew Karas, IS-BAO Programme Director

The latest Progressive Stage 3 Roundtable was completed on 17 November and was well attended with over 75 participants. The recording is now available HERE and from our YouTube channel for those unable to attend the live event. Topics discussed included: State of business aircraft industry, workforce demands, aircrew training availability, air traffic control challenges and maintaining standards.

The final IS-BAO workshop of the year will be held online next week. Register HERE


Bruce Parry, IBAC Environment Director

At the 40th General Assembly in 2019, the member states asked the Assembly to study the feasibility of a long-term global aspirational goal for international aviation, better known as LTAG, which IBAC and its stakeholders have contributed to on behalf of the business aviation community.
As we approach the end of 2021, this study has now been completed by the Committee on Aviation and Environmental Protection (CAEP) LTAG Working Groups. A report on the feasibility of a LTAG is now being completed with a full set of analysis across technology improvements including new configurations; fuels, including SAF, electrification, hydrogen, and some novel fuel concepts; and finally, though operations, which includes on-ground as well as in-air operations.
This report will then be agreed to by the CEAP Steering Group ready for presentation back to the 41st General Assembly in 2022, where a decision could be made about a LTAG for international aviation.
You may recall that business aviation has its own commitment on climate change (BACCC), which has recently been reviewed and has an updated long-term aspirational goal of its own, which is now “Net-Zero Carbon by 2050”.
You can read more about IBAC’s declaration on its updated climate commitment HERE
IBAC will publish updates when they become available on the ICAO LTAG outcomes.
If you have any questions on this content, or any other environment or sustainability matters, please don’t hesitate to contact Bruce Parry, Environment Director at 


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