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mebaa news article image IBAC: UPDATE : FEBRUARY 2021


Kurt Edwards

As we enter the end-of-year holiday season, allow me to congratulate all the member associations for their resilience in continuing to support their membership through this unprecedented year.  IBAC has strived as well to support you, our members, and the global business aviation community.  Collectively, we have helped an industry that continued to operate, albeit at a reduced capacity, with excellence and safety in the forefront as always.
It goes without saying that none of us will miss 2020.  It cannot exit the stage soon enough.  While optimism is high for 2021, expectations for a “return to normal” for IBAC will be seriously challenged at the resource level.  IBAC’s ability to operate across a range of matters and to build on its record of accomplishments will be as good as the economic health of our members and the industry. 

  • Our core work on your behalf at ICAO will, of course, continue. 
  • We hope to continue to see an increase in overall participation in IS-BAH, and the innovation in IS-BAO--through FlightPlan Stage 1 for small operators and Progressive Stage 3 for operators highly experienced with SMS—has re-energized the programme. 
  • IBAC’s work to promote sustainability initiatives on behalf of the industry will remain important, increasingly so as operations resume. 

Allow me to thank the members of the Governing Board for their support at our meeting in early November.  We have charted a cautious plan for 2021 and look forward to observing IBAC’s 40th anniversary in September.
In the meantime, please join me in welcoming the Irish Business and General Aviation Association, IBAC’s 15th member association. The link to this press announcement that was released today is HERE.

ICAO Update
Andreas Meyer – Director, ICAO Liaison 

The ICAO Council and Air Navigation Commission concluded their fall session in late November 2020. The primary outcome of this session is the updated Council Recovery Task Force report related to the recovery of the air transport sector affected by COVID-19. IBAC contributed to drafting the main CART report and its two companion documents on operational guidance and public health.

COVID-19 remained the primary concern of the recent ICAO Council and Air Navigation Commission, but the importance of returning to the pre COVID-19 work program on safety and security was highlighted as well. Therefore, the first session in 2021 will be expected to be refocused on the legacy work and continued amendment of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices.

Bennet Walsh, IS-BAO Programme Director

  • The Progressive Stage 3 is being formally introduced this week at VBACE and the press release can be viewed HERE.  Thanks to all involved in the beta PS3 leadership team and to the progressive auditor corp.
  • More guidance on chapters 5 and 13 is nearing completion and is being vetted by our Progressive Stage 3 leadership team of operators and auditors.
  • Work has begun with the IS-BAO Sustainability working group for the new S.T.A.R.S programme.

Terry Yeomans – IS-BAH Programme Director

  • IS-BAH exceeded the 240 number for those having been registered at Stage 1 registered (now at 241). Planned Audit Notifications continue to be received at Stages 1, 2 and 3.
  • The final 2020 IS-BAH Fundamentals workshop takes place virtually 8-9 December, with the 2021 schedule starting on 11th January. All are open for bookings.
  • The ICAO GHTF discussions remain ongoing, the last one for 2020 took place last week and more dates are set into 2021.

Bruce Parry – IBAC Environment Director

IBAC attended the recent ICAO virtual "Aviation Green Recovery Seminar", which offered an overview of the potential opportunities for aviation to take concrete measures to reduce its emissions footprint, as the industry seeks to “build back better”. As a follow-on event to the Stocktaking Seminar held in September, the highlights were the ongoing work by ICAO and the aviation community towards a green recovery, showcasing the concrete measures in place to promote an open and inclusive sustainable future.

Following the highly successful virtual North American SAF Summit held in September, plans are underway to have a European edition of the virtual summit in March 2021, where the European Commission, SAF producers, operators, and other key stakeholders in Europe will be invited to contribute. More details on the event will follow.
The European Commission Directorate, DG MOVE, held the second roundtable edition of the "ReFuelEU" initiative to further discuss the plans for policy measures to assist the uptake and use of SAF in the European Economic Area (EEA). Both the EBAA and GAMA participated on behalf of business aviation. It is expected that DG MOVE will publish its SAF plan in Q1 2021, more details will follow on these measures when they are published.



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