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A Word From Our Director General

Kurt Edwards

Happy New Year!  On behalf of IBAC, I hope you had wonderful end-of-year holiday celebrations and wish you a productive, healthy 2022.
Despite continued uncertainties faced in 2021, IBAC remained active on behalf of the global business aviation community. 

  • We were recognized as an honest broker by ICAO and called upon to share expertise in developing a workshop for ICAO. 
  • Many industry partners contributed to the effort.  Both the IS-BAH and IS-BAO Programmes continued to grow and strengthen as a result of operators’ and FBOs’ resilience and a return to operations within the community (although mainly domestic and regional and little international). 
  • Environment was at the forefront of our work in 2021 as we established a carbon offsetting tool for business aviation and agreed on a more ambitious long-term emissions goal of net-zero carbon. 
  • Supporting all these initiatives, our communications activity was as busy as ever ensuring the world knew of our work on behalf of business aviation. 

Please see a fuller list of 2021 accomplishments and key priorities for 2022 at this link.

We look forward to working with you in the new year on making more predictable and flowing the international air transport system and, as always, promoting safety and sustainability within the community. These will all be central themes at the 41st Assembly of ICAO in the fall, a milestone event that will seek more certain, harmonized approaches to making regular international aviation operations.


Terry Yeomans, Programme Director

  • The next IS-BAH workshop begins 17 January, register HERE.


Andrew Karas, IS-BAO Programme Director

  • The first revision to the IS-BAO Standard in four years is now available to download. This 20th Edition marks the 20th anniversary of the first issue of IS-BAO in 2002.  Operators may choose to use either the new 20th edition or the 2018 Standard for any audits conducted from 01 January 2022 to 30 June 2022. This new 20th edition will be required for all audits conducted on and after 01 July 2022. See this week’s INFO for more details.
  • IS-BAO document suite (manuals) and registration pricing is increasing 01 Feb 2022 by approximately 10%. This increase will help us cover increasing operational costs and inflation. An INFO will be sent to operators soon with more pricing details.  
  • Visit us on 02 February at the NBAA Regional event in Miami, Florida (OPF), booth #53.


Bruce Parry, IBAC Environment Director

  • Last fall, IBAC announced its partnership with CTX to offer a transparent and efficient platform for our operator community and other interested stakeholders to voluntarily purchase carbon credits to offset CO2 emissions as a part of an overall sustainability plan. The special 20% discount off the initial CTX membership fee has been extended to the IBAC business aviation community until 31 March 2022 by using the IBAC2021 discount code.

For more details about carbon offsetting and this new IBAC EX Carbon Credit Exchange, please go to Carbon Credit Exchange ( Contact Bruce Parry with any questions at




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