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A Word From Kurt Edwards - IBAC Director-General

Two important in-person events took place in June, in which IBAC was very pleased to participate.  CBAA held its annual convention in Toronto, and AsBAA held its “Business Aviation Week” in Singapore.  It had been three years since each had taken place.  There was a lot of energy around these business aviation gatherings, as folks were excited to reconnect.
This month will see the first large-scale, in-person meeting at ICAO in Montreal in more than two years: the High-Level Meeting on the Feasibility of a Long-Term Aspirational Goal for International Aviation CO2 Emissions Reductions (HLM-LTAG).  Some consider it a “practice run” for the Assembly in the fall.  All 193 Member States and several international organizations, including IBAC, are invited to discuss and recommend whether the international aviation community should adopt a long-term goal for carbon emissions reductions by 2050.
As you know, the business aviation industry announced in September 2021 its commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.  You can read the IBAC declaration spelling it out here.  It is a highly ambitious goal that will require active participation from all stakeholders, including governments.  At past Assemblies where climate action was a central topic, the industry proposal has tended to provide the basis for consensus.   Agreeing on an ambitious global reduction goal, however, presents even greater political challenges.  The HLM-LTAG will provide an early opportunity to test the likelihood of acceptance.  IBAC, alongside other industry sectors, will be there to advocate for a favorable outcome that will allow the goal to be adopted by the Assembly later this year.


Andreas Meyer, IBAC Director, ICAO Liaison

The ICAO Council and Air Navigation Commission ended a busy session and are now in summer recess. Besides many technical deliberations and proposed Annex amendments, the dialogue on innovation was an essential point of discussion. This theme is also prominently reflected in the agenda of the upcoming Assembly. Considering the improved public health situation, ICAO has decided to host the 41st Session of the ICAO General Assembly held between 27 September and 7 October 2022. During the summer recess, IBAC continues to develop strategies to address topics of importance to our community at the Assembly and develops plans to introduce appropriate working papers in the technical expert groups of ICAO to continue the work after the Assembly.


Terry Yeomans, Programme Director

IS-BAH Workshops take place next week 11-12 (Fundamentals) and 13-14 (Auditing), last chance to book at the early bird rates is July 7th.

IS-BAH Stage 3 registrations rise to 20 with additions of Aviapartner Executive (Nice, Marseille, Bordeaux and Toulouse), plus Duncan Aviation (Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Prove and Lincoln). Congratulations. Total registrations pass the 270 mark since inception, with 184 achieving Stage 2 and 20 achieving Stage 3.

The IS-BAH Standard 2022-2023 (9th Edition) is now available to download from the website portal (login required).  See the INFO here.


Andrew Karas, IS-BAO Programme Director

We had a great Progressive Stage 3 meeting led by Steve Bruneau from Polaris Aero discussing - Turning Safety Reporting of Deviations and Outcomes into Causal Factors.  Our next meeting in July will be with Daniel Mollicone with the topic - A Comprehensive Approach to Fatigue Risk Management to Cover all Sources of Fatigue Related Risk. 

The IS-BAO Progressive Stage 3 gained 2 new operators this month.  Check out the benefits for Stage 3 operators at Progressive Stage 3 (

IS-BAO Fundamentals and Auditing workshop schedule has been posted for the remainder of 2022.  Sign up now for Early-Bird rate. International Business Aviation Council | Workshops (


We've added IBAC Swag, available to those who want to promote IBAC, and the IS-BAO, IS-BAH Programmes. Visit the store today.! (note that IS-BAO and IS-BAH Registered organizations may choose to order items with official Stage seals through there IS-BA portal or contact for access.)



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