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A Word From the Director General

Kurt Edwards

It was a pleasure seeing so many Member Associations, Industry Partners, and programme participants at EBACE in Geneva at the end of May.  We had much to celebrate: the release of the new EU/Swiss/ETS and CORSIA Guidance, IS-BAH’s tenth anniversary, and the first meeting of the IBAC Industry Advisory Forum.  We also had much to be grateful for: our programme participants at the IS-BAH and IS-BAO recognition reception, growth in the Industry Partner Programme, and a successful Governing Board meeting and International Dinner.  Thanks to all who joined us in Geneva.
Moving into June, we will attend the NBAA Regional Forum in White Plains 12 June and several of us will be heading to CBAA’s annual convention in Montreal on 18-20 June.  I look forward to seeing and making new contacts in the Canadian bizav community and hope many of you will be there. 
Beyond June, we will have a busy schedule late in the summer, including several ICAO meetings.  We will distribute information on these shortly.


Andreas Meyer, ICAO Liaison 

IBAC actively participated in discussions with many expert groups. 

True North Advisory Group - The advisory group is responsible for developing at ConOps to change the entire air transport system from Magnetic North navigation to True North Navigation over the next 20 years. IBAC is looking at this project through the safety lens and providing inputs on whether and how all business aircraft generations can safely transition to this new framework.
 Cybersecurity - ICAO continues its work on cybersecurity with two principal groups. On the safety side, the Trust Framework Group is tasked to develop a secure framework for the next generation's exchange of information in a system-wide information management environment, and digital identity management continues. The other group, the Cyber Security Panel, addresses the AVSEC and the legal side of cybersecurity (acts of unlawful interference). Given the extensive work and importance of cybersecurity, IBAC is considering the development of including this topic in both the IS-BAO and IS-BAH programs.
Air Ambulance Operations (CAPSCA) - IBAC is crucial in CAPSCA's aeromedical ICAO provisions and guidance material review. Its focus is on the definition of guidance for the safe transport of patients by dedicated air ambulance operators and mixed-purpose operations (regular BizAv Jet used for patient transportation). This work will culminate in its presentation to the ICAO Assembly 2025.
AAM - ICAO AAM-SG continued its efforts to shape the future of the global Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) ecosystem by focusing on several critical areas. It's still early days, and the regulatory work will not likely keep pace with the speed at which the technology is advancing, but significant progress is being made toward creating a comprehensive and harmonized framework at ICAO for the safe introduction of the global AAM ecosystem.
Over the next few weeks, the focus will be on reviewing the working and information papers being brought forward by states and industry to the High-Level Air Navigation Conference. IBAC will analyze which proposal can be supported and where a critical voice to promote and defend the BizAv interest is warranted.


Capt. Claude Hurley, Director, Environment & Flight Operations 

In May, the ICAO AAM-SG continued its efforts to shape the future of the global Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) ecosystem by focusing on several critical areas: defining the international AAM ecosystem vision; developing eVTOL & UTM guidance; updating the ICAO Global Air Traffic Management Operational Concept to accommodate the future development of the AAM ecosystem; and enhancing AAM terminology consistency. It is still early, and the regulatory work will not likely keep pace with the speed at which the technology is advancing, but significant progress is being made toward creating a comprehensive and harmonized framework at ICAO for the safe introduction of the global AAM ecosystem.

Last week, we released “THE IBAC GUIDE TO EMISSION TRADING SCHEMES IN EUROPE, SWITZERLAND, UK & THE INTERNATIONAL ICAO SCHEME CORSIA”, available here, which a free Webinar will accompany on the 26th of June. We look forward to a large turnout from the business aviation community joining us for this introductory session on ETS and CORSIA featuring Martina Becher, a recognized expert on ETS and CORSIA compliance.

In May, Claude also moderated discussions at two sustainability events, one at the SAF EU Congress on what sustainability looks like for business aviation and at EBACE’s very successful Sustainability Summit on how business aviation sustainability is about more than CO2 emissions. Both panels benefited from key insights of the very knowledgeable panelists: Laura Hutchinson (RMI); Johan Maertens (ASL Group); Adam Twidell (Halo Aviation); Gregoire James (IAWMA); Bruce Parry (Bombardier); Kennedy Ricci (4Air); and Nicola-Jane Sellers (LuxAviation).

In June, preparations are continuing for the July CAEP Steering Group meeting in Brussels, where progress is expected on a number of initiatives, including finding consensus on proposed revisions to aviation noise and emissions standards.

Industry Partner Programme 

Leo Knaapen, Head, Industry Partner Programme 

The Industry Partner Programme (IPP) achieved a major milestone with the inaugural session of the Industry Advisory Forum -- a gathering of eight IPP member senior representatives, seven IBAC Member Association leaders and several representatives of the IBAC Secretariat.  Held immediately after the closing of EBACE 2024, the three-hour session brought all parties together for the first time to discuss IBAC objectives, and to outline the mandate, structure and relevant processes at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) where IBAC acts as the sole voice of the Business Aviation sector.

IAF objectives, by-laws and governance were also discussed in detail, highlighted by the unanimous nomination of Bombardier’s Bruce Parry as IAF Chair for a two-year term.  Congratulations to Bruce!  Looking ahead, the nomination of Vice-Chair will occur at IAF/02 on Thursday, 24 October in Las Vegas, USA, following NBAA-BACE – where we anticipate a larger turnout by IPP organizations. 

In addition to the four new Industry Partners (JSSI, Joby Aviation, McKay Experts, and Universal Weather and Aviation ) announced at EBACE last week, we are delighted to report that Rolland Vincent Associates is the latest organization to join, as an IPP Associate Member - increasing our overall IPP family to 17 members!  Industry interest in our IPP initiative continues to gain momentum. 
Rollie needs no introduction, having earned a global reputation for consistently delivering unique market insights and trends together with uncannily accurate forecasts and predictions.  Welcome aboard to Rollie and his business partner, Jennifer, and their small-but-powerful team of specialists, analysts and associates. 


Andrew Karas, IS-BAO Programme Director

The IS-BAO Initial and Recurrent workshop schedule has been posted through December 2024.  The IS-BAO Initial Workshop includes 1-year access to the online IS-BAO Protocol Standardization Course (IPS).  The IPS is a self-paced, step-by-step review of each IS-BAO section, accompanied by explanations for every protocol. 
Additionally, we have a specialized in-person workshop offering, 16-18 July in Janesville, Wisconsin. This workshop is partnering with Aviation Safety Solutions to include training on FAA Part 5 SMS differences. US Part 135 and 91.147 operators looking to begin implementation of SMS or gain further understanding of recent FAA rulemaking will find this workshop partnership very beneficial. Register HERE!
The SafetyNet series of informative webinars has been updated with recent recordings and future topics.  Check out the schedule of recordings and sign-up for the live events here: Webinars & Videos | International Business Aviation Council (IBAC)

We look forward to seeing many from the IBAC community at the upcoming NBAA White Plains Regional Forum: White Plains, New York, 12 June.


Terry Yeomans, Programme Director

Monday, 27 May, IS-BAH held the 10th IS-BAH Standards Board in advance of the EBACE 2024 opening.  Congratulations to new Board members Troy Hyberger (Duncan Aviation), Rick Hooper (VistaJet), and Jose Rubinho (United Aviation Services).

L-R (top) - Chris Barrow, Andrew Karas, Allison Markey, Ben Hammond, Terry Yeomans, Daniel Devraignes, Martina Marquardt.
L-R (bottom) - Troy Hyberger, Joseph Azzaz, Alain Champannois, Jose Rubinho, Lou Sorrentino, Jennifer Van Winkle, Rick Hooper, Steven Abreu-Hill, Kevin Donnelly.
In addition, IBAC held the annual recognition event at EBACE for the IS-BAH and IS-BAO community. Congratulations to those with 5- and 10-years milestones with the programme, both ground handlers and auditors. Thanks again to SRC Aviation for actively participating in IS-BAH since the beginning in 2014 as the first registered IS-BAH organization.
IS-BAH Audit Manager, Steven Abreu-Hill will be participating in the NBAA Regional Forum in White Plains, 12 June.  Please connect with him if you are attending, booth #R-01 near registration.




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