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MEBAA chairman issues rallying call to business jet operators

Now is the time for the private aviation industry to plan its recovery, says Ali Ahmed Alnaqbi

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The Middle East’s industry body for the business aviation sector is inviting its members to share their urgent issues and utilise its expertise during the current Covid-19 crisis. 

In a rallying call to the industry, MEBAA’s chief, Ali Ahmed Alnaqbi, said that now is the time for the industry to plan its recovery plan and assured members that they could count on the body for support. 

Alnaqbi said that MEBAA has taken “a proactive role” in providing updates on a regular basis on its website and social media platforms. 


In a statement he said: “In difficult times like this, MEBAA would like to support in consolidating concerns and issues being faced currently by our members of the region and taking them to the concerned bodies for quick and timely resolutions. 

“We are consistently working with our partners globally to bring our industry back to the sky, we want our members to be able to fly back, able to start operations, manufacturing, handling, maintenance and all other services related. This is the time for all of us to plan our recovery path.” 

Alnaqbi added: “I invite you all to arise your urgent issues and MEBAA will make all efforts needed to help you out, the window of communication remains always open. 


“Please feel free to reach us, virtual meetings remain a good option in this situation to discuss any subjects and matters.” 




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