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MEBAA Conference Morocco 2019 full agenda sneak-peak

MEBAA Conference Morocco 2019 Agenda is live! From Big data to Flight deck crew competency, MCM2019 brings the hottest topics of business aviation to Morocco.

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Introducing the Conference, the participants will address the innovations of the business aviation industry within the topic segment “Creating the Future”, followed by the challenges inside “Saving the Future” discussion. The Conference will also generate the question of raising the new generations of the bizav professionals inside the last topic cluster “Joining the Future”. MEBAA Conference Morocco 2019 will be held on Tuesday 24 September at the Mandarin Oriental in Marrakech, just before MEBAA Morocco Show that takes place on 25 - 26 September 2019 at Marrakech Menara Airport.

Registration and welcome coffee
National Anthem
Opening Conference Remarks
Ali Ahmed Alnaqbi
- Founding & Executive Chairman, MEBAA
Introduction of the Program
Ribhi Husseini
- Conference Moderator
Keynote presentation
Zouhair Mohammed El Aoufir
- CEO, Office National Des Aéroports (ONDA)

CREATING THE FUTURE: Innovations of the business aviation industry

Speaking session: Research and Development in business aviation
Noureddine Mouaddib
- President, The International University of Rabat
Networking break
Speaking session: Big data in business aviation - theory or practice
The impact of the big data in the industry and how your company can take advantage of this division
Ghita Mezzour - Associate Director of ITC Research Laboratory at the International University of Rabat
Speaking session: The blockchain application on the business aviation industry
Jorge Montes del Pino
- President & CEO, Montesy Asociados Consulting

SAVING THE FUTURE: Challenges of the business aviation industry

Speaking session: Business aviation shift from a product to a service
Is the future of business aviation based on aircraft ownership or services? How the new generations (millennials) impact on the business aviation? Bridging the knowledge gap between generations of business aviation. How to attract, teach and retain the future aviators?
Joshua Stewart - Founder & CEO, XJet
Networking Lunch
Speaking session: The issues challenging the continuous development of the North African Market
How’s the worldwide trend affecting the MENA region market? How the ununified regulations in the MENA region affect the growth of the business aviation market?
Ali Ahmed Alnaqbi - Founding & Executive Chairman, MEBAA

JOINING THE FUTURE: Raising the new generations of the bizav professionals

Speaking session: The importance of the international standards for the business aviation industry in Morocco
Bennet Walsh
- IS-BAO Programme Director, IBAC
Terry Yeoman - IS-BAH Programme Director, IBAC
Speaking session: Flight deck crew competency and knowledge
Abdulaziz Shabra
- Human Factors Investigator, Aviation Investigation Bureau of Saudi Arabia
Closing comments and speaker presentations
Ali Ahmed Alnaqbi
- Founding & Executive Chairman, MEBAA

After Conference Tea & Coffee

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