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Private jet operators, concerned about Iran crisis, advised to 'seek alternative routes'

IBAC Chairman, Ali Ahmed Alnaqbi advises business aviation operators to await word from regulators as Iran crisis continues.

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Business aviation companies are sought to find alternative routes and flight paths as they await instruction from regulators in the wake of increasing tensions between Iran and the US.

That is the advice from IBAC Chairman and MEBAA Founding & Executive Chairman, Mr. Ali Alnaqbi, who said that business aviation operators must wait to assess the situation.

A number of major airlines have said they are avoiding airspace above Iran. Air France, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines and EVA Air are avoiding airspace over Iran and Iraq while Singapore Airlines said it would not fly over Iran.

The Federal Aviation Administration placed a ban on US commercial carriers flying over Iranian and Iraqi airspace after Iran launched missiles at US military stations in Iraq on 7th Jan 2020.

But Mr Alnaqbi said it was “too early” to judge on the impact of the current situation in Iran on business aviation operators.

He told AVB: “We will have to wait and watch to assess the situation and of course follow the instructions of General Civil Aviation Authorities in each country.”

He added. “Operations are currently normal and so far, no instruction from our local General Civil Aviation Authorities (UAE) has been received. I would advise business aviation operators to find alternative routes.”

The General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has instructed national airlines to consider potential risks and has reminded them to take caution due to the current situation.

It said in a statement that it continues to assess and follow the situation and will take appropriate measures in due course.






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