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UAS and Honeywell team-up for global conectivity

Dubai-based UAS International Trip Support and Honeywell are joining forces to provide global connectivity to the business jet fleet of Asian charter operator, Hongkong Jet, with the implementation of UAS LinkEvolution for flight services and communication, combined with Honeywell GoDirect cabin services.

UAS said LinkEvolution provides seamless global connectivity to both cockpit and cabin using powerful data link satellite communications networks. The strategic alliance between UAS and Honeywell was set up in May 2017, when Honeywell ratified a partnership with UAS to expand flight deck and cabin connectivity services through LinkEvolution.
Last year, UAS announced its clients would obtain priority service and other benefits across Deer Jet’s Chinese FBO network. HNA Group subsidiary Deer Jet acquired a majority stake in UAS in 2016. “Business in China is going well for UAS,” Omar Hosari, UAS co-owner, founder and CEO told AIN. “In 2018, China’s growth was up more than 10 percent from the previous year in general aviation and about 7 percent in commercial aviation.”
UAS now has staff in many major Chinese airports, to provide the same quality of supervision it offers clients worldwide. “We are training people to work according to the UAS standard of quality, which clients have become accustomed to when they go to London or Paris, for example,” he said. “I think general aviation in China is going incredibly well. The government supports the infrastructure, and this has been their goal for a decade now. There are around 350 business jets in China today.


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