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MEBAA fosters and encourages communication. What is mNet? It is more than communication. It is the future.

When we talk about taking the next step, we mean business. MEBAA revolutionizes the business aviation industry implementing new concepts and technologies of the future. When we talk about the future, we mean mNet.

mNet is the new step in communication and networking praxis. It is one-of-the-kind digital network platform for MEBAA members providing real-life networking effects and business opportunities. It is a direct communication channel both between MEBAA and MEBAA members, and members themselves.

But mNet reaches outside the limits of communication feature. mNet has actual business tenders and networking opportunities. It reaches far beyond the digital community. It is a valuable resource for very tangible business success. mNet is utilized for networking, information sharing, industry news and as a sales channel, event application, eLearning and tenders platform. It is a service with a perpetual development engine, and a full-time service for MEBAA members, customized for professional and business use.

mNet will become the next important thing for the future of the business aviation industry in the MENA region. It is the tab on the balance scale changing the layout of the industry. mNet will become the game changer for business aviation industry. It will discover new potentials and be a meeting point of ideas and business aviation operations. It is the next step. It is the future.


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